About me

Александр Максименко

I am Alexandr Maksimenko, and I was born on November 16th, 1964. From 1980 to 1983 I studied in Samokhish Crimean Art College in Simferopol.

From 1983 to 1991 I studied in Kharkov art-industrial institute on specialty “Monumental and decorative art”, where I got a diploma as an Artist of  the Monumental and decorative art. Since 1993 I’m a member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine and Crimean organization of Union artists of Crimea.

I am a Deserved artist of the Autonomous republic of Crimea. In 1997 I finished postgraduate study of Kharkov art-industrial institute on specialty “Fine art”.

I got PhD on the topic: “Design of dynamic properties of round sculpture in an architectonically-natural environment”. From 1992 I work in National Academy of Nature Protection and Resort Building as a professor director of the department of “Bases of Architecture and Fine Art”.

A teacher of special disciplines: Picture, Painting, Sculpture.

Constantly I work creatively. Participated works on exhibitions in Simferopol, Kyiv, Moscow, Riga, Poland, Germany, Holland, Canada etc. Many of my works were published in the local, republican and foreign mass media. Repeatedly participated in international artistic and sculptural symposiums.

In 2003 recipient of an award Diploma of III of the International competition of 5th international festival of ancient art of “Bospor Agons” as a leader of the International artistic symposium for carrying out mastery, creative search and popularization of world’s historical-cultural heritage.

Participating in international symposiums and exhibitions:

1. 1989, 1990, 1991 – exhibitions of sculpture, Kyiv.
2. 1991 exhibition of sculpture and the small plastic arts, Moscow.
3. 1991 – international biennale “CUPRUM-V”, Poland.
4. 1992 – an exhibition of sculpture, Lublin, Poland.
5. 1992 – an exhibition in Brussels, Belgium.
6. 1992 – participating in an exhibition in Toronto, Canada.
7. 1993 – an exhibition in Poznan, Poland.
8. 1994 – an exhibition is in Lodzi, Poland.
9. 1994 – “ART-EKO’94” international symposium of artists.
10. 1994 – international biennale “CUPRUM-VI”, Poland.
11. 1995 – III international sculptural symposium of “TUZIN – DOZEN”, Wroclaw, Poland.
12. 1995 – “ART-EKO’95” participant of international symposium of artists.
13. 1996 – V international sculptural symposium of “TUZIN – DOZEN”, Wroclaw, Poland.
14. 1996 – international biennale “CUPRUM-VII”, Poland.
15. 1996 – “ART-EKO’6” international symposium of artists, Poland.
16. 1996 – the personal exhibition, Amsterdam, Holland. Many of my works now are in private collections in Kyiv, Moscow, USA, Italy, Latvia, Holland, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel.